I want to apply for asylum

The asylum process begins with the expression of the intention to seek asylum, which means sharing your personal information with the relevant authorities in the country. In this initial phase, national authorities will provide relevant information regarding accommodation/food/clothing assistance or medical support, if needed. The deadline for submitting an asylum application will be stated on the document / form of confirmation / attestation that the applicant will receive at the initial stage.

The procedure for recognition of the right to asylum starts from the moment of submitting a request for recognition of the right to asylum by the applicant.

A foreigner can apply for recognition of the right to asylum before the police at the border crossing, the nearest police station, the Reception Center for Foreigners, or the Sector for Asylum.

After submitting the request, an initial interview is conducted, followed by an interview regarding the submitted request by the relevant body.

The information shared during the interview could be decisive for the final decision within the process.

For any doubts/uncertainties, please ask for free legal aid.

BORDER POLICEAt any border crossing
POLICE OFFICERSPlease go to the nearest police station or call 192