I want to go home AVRR Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration

All migrants residing in Albania are eligible for support for a voluntary departure to their countries of origin when they do not have the means to support their return. If you are a former asylum seeker, a migrant stranded in Albania, a migrant in an irregular situation, a rejected asylum seeker, vulnerable migrant, or similar, please go to the nearest border police post to enter the assisted voluntary return procedure.

Counselling to you will be provided in your native language, and you will be provided with logistical and financial support in all steps of planning, preparation, and during the journey. Migrants who are eligible for voluntary departure from Albania can qualify for a return allowance to sustain initial needs after departure from Albania. In addition to the described return support, migrants can be eligible for receiving support for reintegration once in the country of origin. All information will be provided to you upon contacting entering the voluntary return procedure.