Smuggling or trafficking indicators

If you feel scared, abused, or exploited, please call 00355 (0)4 116-111, send an email to [email protected], or got to the website to seek help.

Protect yourself and don’t become a victim of trafficking!

Human trafficking is one of the most serious crimes against human beings. In the case of human trafficking, the victim is observed as an object rather than a human.

Smuggling people is a crime against the state, and it is conducted by smugglers. However, the smuggled person is not the victim. Moreover, a smuggled person can easily fall into the trap and become the victim of trafficking.

Some indicators which can appear fully or partially are listed below. In case you can recognize several indicators jointly ask for help.

A person has freedom of movementYESNO
A person has freedom of choiceYESNO
Someone else kept your passport/ID cardNOYES
A person has to cross an international borderYESNO
Voluntarily (Person is smuggled/trafficked on a voluntary base)YESNO
The person felt himself/herself exploitedNOYES