I want to apply for asylum

You can apply for asylum at any border crossing point (Border Police) or in a Reception camps Božaj (Address: Božaj bb) and Spuz (Address: Spuž bb).

Application for asylum - I need a lawyer

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The asylum process starts with expressing the intention of seeking asylum, which implies sharing your personal data with relevant authorities within the country. At this initial stage, the national authority will provide relevant information regarding accommodation/food/clothes assistance or medical support, if needed. The deadline for submitting a request for asylum will be indicated on the document/attestation form, which the applicant will receive during the initial stage. Submitting the request for asylum has to be done within the prescribed timeframe and during the process, an interview will be organized by the relevant authority. Information shared during the interview could be decisive for the final decision within the process. For any doubts/unclarities please request free legal aid.