I want to apply for asylum

The asylum process starts with expressing the intention of seeking asylum, which implies sharing your personal data with relevant authorities within the country. At this initial stage, the national authority will provide relevant information regarding accommodation/food/clothes assistance or medical support, if needed. The deadline for submitting a request for asylum will be indicated on the document/attestation form, which the applicant will receive during the initial stage. Submitting the request for asylum has to be done within the prescribed timeframe and during the process, an interview will be organized by the relevant authority. Information shared during the interview could be decisive for the final decision within the process. For any doubts/unclarities please request free legal aid.

Please contact following authorities if you want to apply for asylum:

BORDER POLICE BIHAt any border crossing point
FO SarajevoBraće Mulića 36, Sarajevo[email protected]+387 33 772 994TRC Blažuj, TRC Ušivak
FO Banja LukaIvana F. Jukića 7/II, Banja Luka[email protected]+387 51 213 926
FO MostarKneza Višeslava BB, Mostar[email protected]+387 36 319 118TRC Salakovac
FO TuzlaMaršala Tita 36, Tuzla[email protected]+387 35 362 491
FO ZenicaMehmedalije Tarabara 15, Zenica[email protected]+387 32 460 410
FO BrčkoCiglana 8, Brčko[email protected]+387 49 232 160
FO DobojNikole Pašića 5, Doboj[email protected]+387 53 236 498
FO Istočno SarajevoTrg ilidžanske brigade 2B, Istočna Ilidža[email protected]+387 57 224 891
FO BihaćUlica V korpusa 14, Bihać[email protected]+387 57 224 891TRC Lipa
FO TravnikAleja konzula 5, Travnik[email protected]+387 30 540 117
FO TrebinjeStepe Stepanovića bb, Trebinje[email protected]+387 59 245 051
FO BijeljinaFilipa Višnjića 211, Bijeljina[email protected]+387 55 203 032
FO LivnoMatice Hrvatske 1, Livno[email protected]+387 55 203 032
FO GoraždeZaima Imamovića 5, Goražde[email protected]+387 38 220 018
FO LjubuškiIV Brigade HVO Stjepana Radića 8, Ljubuški[email protected]+387 39 831 084
FO OrašjeIII ulica 20, Orašje[email protected]+387 31 714 527
TRC UŠIVAKUšivak bb, HadžićiReception Centre
TRC BLAŽUJBlažuj bb, BlažujReception Centre
TRC LIPALipa bb, BihaćReception Centre

Application for asylum - I need a lawyer

UNHCR (Call / Viber/ WhatsApp)Safeta Hadžića 66a+387 61 102 035
UNHCR (Call / Viber/ WhatsApp)Safeta Hadžića 66a+387 61 102 034
Vaša Prava HQ (NGO)Safeta Hadžića 66a+387 33 789 105On-callFree legal aid
Vaša Prava, SarajevoSafeta Hadžića 66a+387 33 789 105On-callFree legal aid
Vaša Prava, Banja LukaKralja Petra I Karađorđevića 99a+387 51 232 920On-callFree legal aid
Vaša Prava, MostarHasana Zahirovića Lace bb+387 36 558 580On-callFree legal aid
Vaša Prava, BihacMaršala Tita bb+387 37 952 729On-callFree legal aid
Vaša Prava, PrijedorBranislava Nušića 3+387 52 241 290On-callFree legal aid
Vaša Prava, TuzlaRudarska 63+387 35 210 210On-callFree legal aid