Smuggling or trafficking indicators

Protect yourself and do not become a victim!

Human trafficking is one of the most serious crimes against human beings. In the case of human trafficking, the person is rather observed as an object rather than a human.

Smuggling of people is a crime against the state, and the smuggled person is not the victim. However, the smuggled person can easily fall into the trap and become a victim of trafficking.

Some indicators which can appear fully or partially are listed below. In case you can recognize several indicators jointly ask for help.

A person has freedom of movementYESNO
A person has freedom of choiceYESNO
Someone else kept your passport/ID card by forceNOYES
A person has to cross an international borderYESNO
Voluntarily (Person is smuggled/trafficked on a voluntary basis)YESNO
A person feels himself/herself exploitedNOYES