What can you expect if you are irregularly in the country?

– Expressing the intention to apply for asylum is followed by the issuance of an attestation form (the so-called “police paper”, “white paper”). The validity of the attestation form is 15 days. Be aware that you are at risk of expulsion if you do not submit your request for asylum in the above mentioned period;

– Register your address of stay. If you have decided to leave the reception centre or you are going to change your present address of stay, please be aware that you are at the risk of expulsion if you do not do that properly. Leaving the current address without notification is interpreted as withdrawal from asylum procedures (it is perceived that you have left the country);

– Leaving the reception centre without a notification is leading to a cancellation of the stay;

– In the case of expulsion, there is a possibility that you might be placed under surveillance (detention) in a “closed type centre”;

– Restriction of movement can also be determined by restricting the movement in a narrow area;

– Do not risk becoming a smuggler or trafficker of human beings. Penalties for this category of criminal offenses could reach the maximum of imprisonment sanctions;

– If you are in debt and there is no possibility to repay the money, there is a huge risk to become a victim of human trafficking;

– You are criminally liable, regardless if you have identification documents or not. Don’t risk being arrested or punished for a criminal offense;

– Illegal border crossing is also a violation of laws and you are at risk to be returned to the country you came from, or to be returned to BiH if you are trying to leave irregularly;

– Begging or illicit employment presents an offense and you are he risk to be penalized for that kind of irregular work;

– Please respect the decisions of authorities and use legal ways to exercise your rights.